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IML specialises in assisting South Africans through the employment, immigration, and settlement process. No other company offers the same level of support.

The IML Learning Centre provides our clients with an in-depth level of knowledge, guidance and assistance that truly sets IML apart. Our dedicated management team support our clients through the complex and often difficult immigration process until they achieve their goal of starting a new life in New Zealand.

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Grace Nguyen, General Manager

Grace has lived and worked in South East Asia, United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

She has held key executive management positions and worked with many international brands including Tetra Pak, Nike, Swarovski, Debenhams, Aldo, and Giorgio Armani. Grace's last position before moving to New Zealand was retail director for a 265,000 m2 shopping mall with 365 retail outlets.

Grace has experienced the immigration process and appreciates the challenges our clients face. She enjoys assisting them through the immigration and settlement process, helping them to achieve their goal of a better life in New Zealand.

Hannes van der Merwe, Head of Recruitment

Hannes is a native of South Africa, brings a wealth of experience and a friendly, committed demeanor to his professional endeavors. With over two decades of expertise in consultancy, project management, and new business development, he is a seasoned professional with a passion for client interaction. His life's purpose revolves around working collaboratively with people, always striving to surpass their expectations. Hannes has found his ideal platform to achieve this goal through the exciting realm of New Zealand migration.

Ally-Jane Volmink, Talent Acquisition Consultant

Ally-Jane is a very friendly and helpful person who enjoys helping clients start a new life in New Zealand. Being from South Africa and having family in New Zealand, she understands why people want to make the move and believes that it offers security and a bright future. She is a professional who makes clients feel confident in her abilities as well as their own and loves meeting people from all backgrounds. As a Talent Acquisition Consultant, Ally-Jane is ever ready and available to help with any questions or concerns throughout the recruitment and employment process. She is courteous, understanding, and ready to assist anyone interested in taking their lives to greener pastures.

Vanessa Wilkinson, Talent Acquisition Consultant

Vanessa sees herself as a people person and has a great passion for people, always maintaining a professional attitude and assisting where possible. Attention to detail, good communication skills as well as commitment are skills that make Vanessa so dedicated in her position as the Talent Acquisition Consultant.

Danny Wang, MC, NZ Licensed Immigration Adviser (LIA) License No: 201000297.

Danny emigrated to New Zealand in 2002 and completed his Masters in 2008. The knowledge gained through his personal immigration experience and working his way through the NZ education system gave Danny the ideal foundation to become a LIA and over the last 12 years he has become one of the most experienced LIA specialising in assisting South Africans to emigrate to NZ.

Pindile Banjatwa, LIA Assistant

I have over 13 years of experience within the Immigration sector/industry, specializing in various countries for individuals seeking assistance with visas and Immigration, over the years of being in this industry I have gained much knowledge and grown to be passionate ,knowing that I am helping families start their new lives with greater opportunities abroad.

Dominique Mundell, SA Office Manager

Dominique brings over a decade of expertise in sales and customer service to her role, complemented by more than four years of dedicated experience assisting South African families in their journey to immigrate to New Zealand. Having personally explored the wonders of New Zealand, she is passionate about sharing the incredible opportunities it presents to families seeking a better future.

Dominique thrives on engaging discussions about the potential outcomes outlined in their Immigration Report. Her primary objective is to equip families with all the necessary information to make well-informed decisions regarding their immigration prospects. Should they choose to embark on this journey, Dominique is committed to offering comprehensive support and guidance every step of the way.

Beyond immigration logistics, Dominique delights in delving into the realm of job opportunities, avenues for professional growth while underscoring the enviable work-life balance that characterizes New Zealand living. She passionately advocates for the country's ethos of equal opportunities within its secure, safe, and breathtakingly picturesque environment. Additionally, how South African families can benefit from access to free, high-quality education and healthcare—a testament to New Zealand's commitment to holistic well-being.

Brandon Voges, Client Relationship Manager

Brandon has experience in both the local and offshore private wealth industries (specifically catering to High-Net-Worth individuals), business development, client relations and client retention. He enjoys helping South Africans gain offshore exposure and solutions. Brandon is a people’s person and believes building relationships and solving problems are the greatest passions in life.
As a husband and a father, he understands that sometimes we need to go to the extreme to provide the absolute best life for our families, and he will do his best to make your dreams become a reality.

Eduan Scheepers, Business Development Manager

Eduan is a results-driven and passionate professional with years of experience in sales and customer service. Eduan commits himself to building strong relationships, finding solutions and helping clients achieve their goals. He loves meeting new people and exploring all possible options that could lead to a brighter future.

Nelson Figueira, Client Relationship Manager

As a Client Relationship Manager specializing in immigration services to New Zealand, Nelson is deeply passionate about assisting individuals and families in securing their dreams of starting a new life in this beautiful country. With extensive experience in navigating the complexities of the immigration process, Nelson offers personalized guidance and support tailored to each client's unique needs.

Nelson's approach is rooted in building strong, trust-based relationships with clients through open communication, empathy, and transparency. By listening to their concerns, understanding their goals, and keeping them informed every step of the way, Nelson strives to make the immigration journey as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Nelson finds immense fulfillment in witnessing the positive impact of successful immigration experiences, whether it's reuniting families or enabling career opportunities.

In summary, Nelson is dedicated to providing exceptional support and guidance to individuals and families seeking to immigrate to New Zealand, ensuring that each client's journey is not just successful, but truly transformative.

Aime Hudson, NZ Administration Manager

Aime is a service-minded professional from multi-cultural background. She has work experience in Sales and Customer Service industry. She worked at international companies in USA, Thailand, and Singapore. She is hard working, goal-oriented and passionate about her job.

Erin-Leigh Madison Bester, Client Support Specialist

I am Erin-Leigh Bester. I am looking to pursue my studies in information technology . I am a highly self-motivated individual with considerable years experience in a short term insurance, who is a team player and welcomes a challenge. An analytical thinker with a command for achieving excellence and maximum results with any given project or task.

Employers and Recruitment Agents

IML works with New Zealand employers and recruitment agents to assist our clients to secure job offers.