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After 13 years as an Independent Financial Adviser in Durban, South Africa, my family and I took on the huge challenge of starting a new life in New Zealand. With 2 teenage kids in tow and a booming insurance business to leave behind was a tough decision to make.

My wife and I considered managing the immigration process ourselves until we learned from one of our friends, that this process is best left to the professionals. They had tried the immigration process themselves and found out the hard way that they had made a big mistake, only to have the process repeated at an unplanned additional cost.

I began our immigration process with making alliances with business partners in New Zealand that would assist my future growth in this new country. Initially this proved to be not as easy as I had hoped but as things progressed, we were able to gain momentum securing a bit more certainty as time went on. As is the case with most immigrants, we rented a home for the first few years till we were able to purchase our own property.

Becoming part of the New Zealand property market and purchasing our own home was one of the best things we could have done, since then, our financial position has improved a great deal. After 10 years in this beautiful country, we are now New Zealand Citizens, owning multiple properties, as well as being at the forefront of a growing and sustainable insurance practise, forging on to the next level, whatever it may be.
The abundant opportunities that New Zealand has to offer are significantly better than alternative options that we had considered. We are extremely content with our outcome that was initiated by Bernard Collins and his team right from the start.

Warren Butler
Registered Financial Adviser