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Sheep Stop Criminals – Police tried to pull over a car when they caught it speeding and realised it had no number plates. A 90-minute car chase ensued but the car was determined not to stop, even when it lost its front tyre due to the police deploying road spikes. As the stolen car continued its way in Central Otago, a flock of sheep was being moved from one pasture to another along the same road as the car chase. The criminals had no choice but to stop when they found the road was blocked with sheep. It was later that it emerged the sheep belonged to one of the officers who were part of the car chase. Three young guys (aged 23, 19 and 14) and a 14-year-old girl were arrested for stealing a car and at least 3 petrol drive off thefts. The sheep and the working dogs were congratulated for their good work.

Ducks Crossing
Christchurch police stopped the traffic in the middle of town to allow Mummy Duck and her 9 ducklings to safely cross the road. The ducks were so grateful, they followed the police back to the police station.

Goldfish Not Allowed to Fly
James Ayr was flying from Wellington to Auckland to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday. His surprise present was Lil B, a goldfish. Lil B was carefully put in a Tupperware container full of freshwater and James and Lil B headed for the JetStar check in desk. JetStar wouldn’t let Lil B fly. This is where Air New Zealand came to the rescue. They issued Lil B the goldfish with his/her own plane ticket, so he/she could be safely delivered to James’ girlfriend in Auckland.

Prime Minister, John Key, proving he isn’t a Reptile
A freedom of information request was launched asking for “any evidence to disprove the theory that Mr John Key is in face a David Icke-style shapeshifting reptilian alien ushering humanity towards enslavement.” Mr Key held a press conference to address this issue. He told journalists that he had visited his doctor and a vet, and both confirmed that he wasn’t a shapeshifting reptilian alien.

The Kea
The Kea is endemic to South Island and is the world’s only alpine parrot. It’s probably the cleverest bird on the planet. Stories abound. One couple left their car in a rural car park and went for a walk. When they returned they found a group of Kea playing inside the car. They had pulled the rubber from around the windscreen, which had then fallen inside the car, leaving them a large ‘door’ to fly through.

They are known for breaking windscreen wipers, emptying handbags and backpacks. Calming taking bites out of your food before it can reach your mouth. They are fearless and won’t be deterred, even when aggressively shooed away.

These highly intelligent birds know how to play. They’ve frequently been spotted sliding down roofs over and over again, obviously just having fun. Kea have even been spotted playing football with a can. They love to mimic behaviour from other animals and us humans!