Immigration Migration Limited (IML)

IML specialises in assisting South Africans through the employment, immigration, and settlement process. No other company offers the same level of support.

The IML Learning Centre provides our clients with an in-depth level of knowledge, guidance and assistance that truly sets IML apart. Our dedicated management team support our clients through the complex and often difficult immigration process until they achieve their goal of starting a new life in New Zealand.

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Grace Nguyen, Director / General Manager
Grace has lived and worked in South East Asia, United Kingdom, and New Zealand.
She has held key executive management positions and worked with many international brands including Tetra Pak, Nike, Swarovski, Debenhams, Aldo, and Giorgio Armani. Grace's last position before moving to New Zealand was retail director for a 265,000 m2 shopping mall with 365 retail outlets.

Grace has experienced the immigration process and appreciates the challenges our clients face. She enjoys assisting them through the immigration and settlement process, helping them to achieve their goal of a better life in New Zealand.

Hervé J. Mavré, B.Com, HR Director
Hervé's knowledge of the work environment in both South Africa and New Zealand is extensive. Originally from France, Hervé lived in Johannesburg for 5 years before emigrating to New Zealand with his family.

Not only does Hervé have extensive personal experience when it comes to immigration, he has also lived in both South Africa and New Zealand and understands how their job markets compare. Easy to approach, he will quickly understand what needs to be done to guide and help you to secure a job offer.

Hervé’s determination and energy are evident when you meet him and from the fact that he has completed 40 marathons, including 3 Comrades. As all South Africans know, that’s no mean feat. Hervé will help you turn your dream into reality, with full understanding of where you have come from and where you are going.

Joao Casimiro, BSc Management, NZ Administration Manager
Prior to joining IML Joao worked with New Zealand employers to help them find skilled migrants to meet their needs and criteria. He has also assisted South Africans to secure job offers with New Zealand employers.

Joao works closely with Carole Tucker, Client Relationship Manager and Herve Mavre, HR Director, to ensure our clients have the best possible chance of securing a job offer.

Joao is responsible for administration and client employment support.

Carole Tucker, Client Support Manager
Carole's experience in senior management, HR and as a professional writer, enables her to assist our clients to prepare their LinkedIn profile, cover letter & CV in line with what New Zealand employers expect. Carole has undertaken a great deal of research to ensure our clients stand the best chance of securing a job offer.

Carole has travelled extensively and lived in South Africa for 25 years. She understands South Africans and the stress and excitement that is involved in starting a new life in New Zealand.

Carole loves to hear our clients’ stories, and often produces articles on specific immigration matters. Go to Articles on our website to read some of these interesting and informative articles.

Danny Wang, MC, NZ Licensed Immigration Adviser (LIA) License No: 201000297.
Danny emigrated to New Zealand in 2002 and completed his Masters in 2008. The knowledge gained through his personal immigration experience and working his way through the NZ education system gave Danny the ideal foundation to become a LIA and over the last 12 years he has become one of the most experienced LIA specialising in assisting South Africans to emigrate to NZ.

Noelle Pillay, LLB Hons, Paralegal / Legal Secretary
Noelle is a dedicated and focused paralegal. Her primary role is to assist clients move through the immigration process ensuring a smooth journey to their new life in New Zealand.

As an LLB honours graduate, Noelle is fuelled by her passion for understanding the legal immigration process and is determined to become a New Zealand Licensed Immigration Advisor in the near future.

Fiona O'Sullivan, Enrolled Barrister and Solicitor / Licensed Immigration Adviser (LIA) License No: 201600540
Fiona O’Sullivan in-depth knowledge and experience of all immigration related matters enables her to advise clients and prepare their visa applications with the highest degree of professionalism and accuracy.

Fiona fully appreciates the results of a visa application for South Africans is one of the most important outcomes of their lives and will define the future for their family.

Dominique Mundell, SA Office Manager
Dominique enjoys meeting potential clients and discussing the outcome of their Immigration Report and how to prepare to secure a job in New Zealand. Her job is to convey everything someone needs to know to make an informed decision on whether immigration is right for them and if it is, to provide the help and guidance they need to start the process. Dominique understand how important it is for clients to know they will grow old with their children and grandchildren around them.

Dominique likes to discuss job opportunities and explain how people can grow in their jobs, while highlighting the great work/life balance that New Zealanders enjoy. New Zealand offers equal opportunities for everyone, in a secure, safe and stunning environment. It also has the added bonus of free quality education and healthcare.

Kenny Swartz, Client Relationship Manager
Kenny’s is well travelled and experienced in dealing with people from all cultures and backgrounds.

He works exceptionally hard to make sure his clients have all the necessary tools to ensure they can successfully secure a job offer and are subsequently able to emigrate to New Zealand.

Kenny gets great satisfaction from supporting his clients through the employment and immigration process to settling in New Zealand, reducing stress and making the clients journey as easy as possible.

Kenny is happy to spend time with clients to ensure they have all the information they need, to make an informed decision about emigrating to New Zealand.

Tia Tree, Client Relationship Manager
Tia enjoys working with people from different backgrounds and providing the information they need to make an informed decision about emigrating to New Zealand.

Tia specialises in staying up to date with the job opportunities in New Zealand and encouraging clients throughout the employment and immigration process.

Working with clients to ensure they have an enjoyable journey on their way to starting a new life in New Zealand is what gives Tia the most satisfaction.

Viruschka Tewary, Client Relationship Manager
Being a natural team player, Viruschka’s determination lies in assisting her clients with the best possible solution to meet their specific needs. Helping and guiding them to explore potential opportunities resulting in a rewarding experience. She is driven by her extensive background within Client Relationship Management, Marketing and Public Relations as well as her passion for travel.

Rest assured Viruschka will elevate your knowledge on emigration and assist you throughout the process enabling a smooth and seamless transition. As a people’s person, she is very approachable and her clients are her priority, taking the guesswork out of emigration and putting her clients at the forefront.

“Reach for your dreams and make it a reality!” is the mantra that Viruschka lives by. Honing in on her clients’ core values and helping them reach imaginable heights that unlock exciting adventures that awaits them in the beautiful New Zealand.

Ally-Jane Volmink, Client Support Specialist
Ally-Jane enjoys assisting clients to take the first step towards a new life in New Zealand. As a South African, she understands why clients want to create a better life for themselves and their families. Plus, as she has family in New Zealand, she knows for a fact that life in this beautiful country represents security and offers a future for all. Ally-Jane’s professionalism and understanding leaves clients knowing they are in good hands when booking meetings. When chatting with Ally-Jane, it’s immediately apparent that one of the favourite things about her role as Client Support Specialist is getting to meet and talk to people from all walks of life.

Reshan Naidoo, BA Psychology, Client Relationship Manager.
Reshan has several immediate family members who have already emigrated to New Zealand. It was their positive comments about their immigration experience and new life in New Zealand that encouraged him to join the IML team.

Reshan proven track-record in recruitment enables him to assist IML clients to prepare to secure job offers with New Zealand employers. His focus is on supporting clients through every step of the employment and immigration process.
"Work is never work when you love what you do"

Hendrik Esterhuizen, Client Relationship Manager
Hendrik is a supportive person that will go out of his way to assist clients from all walks of life to achieve their goal of starting a new life in New Zealand.

Hendrik prides himself on giving exceptional support to every client throughout the employment and immigration process until they are fully settled in New Zealand. Hendrik looks forward to making your journey as stress free and peaceful as possible.

Employers and Recruitment Agents
IML works with New Zealand employers and recruitment agents to assist our clients to secure job offers.